The driving force of every gym should be to continually grow and help more people.

But as the bills pile up and the everyday stresses of trying to increase membership and retain get the better of you, slowly you become overwhelmed and begin to wonder how your are going to keep your box open. 

This is exactly why we've created this webinar to walk you through the 3 step AUTOMATED sales and marketing infrastructure that some of the top CrossFit boxes in the world use, including our own. 

Please note, the pricing in this webinar has been improved. Please reach out to Abby Illenberger via for more info.

In this webinar your learn:

  • Why an automated infrastructure (that doesn't rely on your own energy to operate) is essential to the pursuit of excellence for the members of your community.
  • How to increase your client experience and bond with your community without having to be at the box 24/7 
  • The "tri-phasic" approach to turning a visitor to your website into a new member on auto-pilot. (This strategy alone could double, triple, even quadruple your membership base)
  • How to use SMARTâ„¢ Surveys to get your members to willing brag about your across social platforms and send you a flood of referrals. 
  • The key to maximizing your lifetime client value so you can stop living in fear paycheck to paycheck and instead live abundantly & build a powerful community.
  • ...and much more.

If you are serious about growing your box and making the biggest impact on your community without all the stress then this will be the most important training you can watch.

You DO NOT want to miss this!

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